B1 Trail around the Fischbach pond

Length: about 5,7 km or 7 km

Starting point is the Johannesplatz in Burgau (fire station). Past the old smithy, then the first lane on the right, and then the meadow path on the left over the wooden footbridge along a hedge to the "Mühlhauser chapel". Approximately 500m uphill to the "Müllner-Kreuz". Continue straight on past the forester's lodge into the "Galgenwald". At that time, the local gallows were erected here, and the condemned could perform their last prayer at the "Galgen-Kreuz" - a pieta on the right side of the road. Shortly thereafter, the path branches left to the Fischbachteich - only for pedestrians - NATURE RESERVE!

At the end of the pond you have the opportunity:
1) to make the short tour around the whole pond and the same way uphill right back to Burgau
2) left through a rather overgrown path to Fürstenfelder Straße. If you cross this, you will come to the "Weinseiss-Mühle" - a local tavern. Continue over the weir, left along the dirt road to the tobacco hut. Turn left to Burgau.

Characteristic: rather flat
Track conditions: asphalt, gravel, unpaved roads

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