B5 Historical circular trail

Length: about 12 km

Starting point is the Johannesplatz in Burgau (fire station). Past the old smithy, then the first lane on the right, and then the meadow path on the left over the wooden footbridge along a hedge to the "Mühlhauser chapel". Approximately 500m uphill to the "Müllner-Kreuz". Right the dirt road straight - after about 1 km in the forest the "Black Cross", built in memory of the plague in Burgau. Straight from downhill and uphill - on the right side of the road a sign for the "Luther Cross". This is reminiscent of the mortally wounded forester Luther. Next to the main path is after a few meters, the "picture oak" on the right side of the road. A cattle dealer at that time had a lot of money with him and saved himself from the then standing here oak from robbers. The forest path continues to Sauberg, along the edge of the forest to an orchard. Right the forest path slightly downhill to the road. On the road back to Burgau. There are markings on this path: "Lederer-Marterl", "Frühmann-Denkmal", "Mariazeller-Kreuz".

Characteristic: slightly hilly
Track conditions: asphalt, gravel, unpaved roads

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