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Herb garden

An abundant variety of herbs can be found in the 60,000m² garden.

The herb garden was created by the internationally renowned agricultural rebel, Sepp Holzer from the Salzburger Lungau, whose System of Permaculture use the simple formula: "Ask the nature, ask your land, your water, your animals if they under your control have a sense of well-being." Steirerhof hostess Gunda Unterweger has brought to this project, which for her is of heartfelt concern, beneficial knowledge and her personal style.

Holzer's Permaculture
Holzer's Permaculture is a natural form of agriculture, which is built on a work with the cycles and interactions in nature. A business in harmony with nature is not only environmentally correct, it may be economically very successful.

Steirerhof’s Herb-garden is spilt into different zones:

The area of meditation…
is a cooler place, shaded by a huge hanging willow. Here, woodruff, tarragon, spice bush, soapwort and hedge bulbs grow in ideal conditions.
In the realm of mint ...
There are 30 different mint plants in the center, surrounded by chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and hornbeams.
In a sunny place ...
thrive anise hyssop, purple coneflower and even asparagus alongside berries, apple and mountain ash. Here we have created for you loungers surrounded by tabular Basalt - covered with a carpet of thyme - to invite rest.
The spring hill…
reserved for traditional kitchen herbs.

A garden for every sense

Recharge your batteries in the Steirerhof garden
Recharge your batteries in the Steirerhof garden
"To feel better and recharge the batteries one can do best in nature" believes Gunda Unterweger. The Steirerhof hostess adds, "She teaches us also, our senses - Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing as well as Feeling - firstly to require and then to advance." A herb garden is therefore equally predestined. Particularly, if it was design like it was in Steirerhof: in unison with the cycle of nature, with plants, which compliment themselves naturally and form symbioses as well as involving trees and bushes.

Botanical walks with our herb lecturer

Garden tours with Steirerhof chef Johann Pabst
Garden tours with Steirerhof chef Johann Pabst
For those that would like to learn more about some of the different herbs, Steirerhof organises a regular garden tour. The chef Johann Pabst explains what different herbs are good for and how you can use them in the kitchen.

Enjoy the Steirerhof garden