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Psychological & health coaching

Book your own psychological & health coach

Physical and mental weakness as well as psychological problems cannot be separated. At which level the focus is, by means of personal support from our sports scientist the problem can be filtered out.

Psychological & health support in Der Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf
Psychological & health support in Der Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf
Psychological training with your own personal health companion
Psychological training with your own personal health companion
Book your own personal psychological and health companion
Book your own personal psychological and health companion
Individual ,psychological & health coaching

Individual, psychological & health coaching


Especially recommended for: Preparation for an operation, Post-Op recovery, Anxiety, Osteoporosis, Heart and Cardiovascular diseases and Burn-out.

All treatments in the context of mentality and health are not just for athletes and healthy people. Particularly for those who have physical and psychological problems our therapists will deal with each case individually to give you the best treatment.

Individual health coaching, approx. 30 mins
€ 45,-
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Individual health coaching, approx. 50 mins
€ 65,-
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3 individual sessions, each approx. 50 mins
€ 165,-
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5 indivdiual sessions, each approx. 50 mins
€ 276,-
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Our individual coaching sessions in overview:

Dance & expression therapy
Based on the analysis of motion it can be determined what an individual needs to bring body, mind and soul into equilibrium.
Progressive Muskuläre Relaxation (PMR)
An experience for the body, during which specific muscle groups are targeted and brought into tension, when released a much better state of relaxation is achieved.
Autogenic training
Autogenic training is a relaxation process in which one can influence the promotion of relaxation in the body. It specifically helps to overcome anxiety, depression and hectic lifestyles.
Fantasy trip
A journey to the heart, an extraordinary experience where positive thoughts and feelings can be conveyed. Thus it promotes creativity and imagination in order to dismantle problems and stress.
Diaphragmatic breathing training with Bio feedback
With the help of a computer program, the abdominal breathing can be presented. This feedback enables one to learn how to improve their abdominal breathing.
Breathing aerobics
Breathing can be supported with specific exercises. The aim of the exercises is to improve the uptake of oxygen, thereby increasing the flow of blood in the body in order to achieve better vitality.
Qi Gong
Qigong has evolved over thousands of years as a method of energy control (Qi = energy; Gong = work) for the care and cultivation of body, mind and spirit. You activate, strengthen and regulate the energy flows in order to harmonize the body, breathing and mental attitude. During the practice of Qigong exercises our attention is completely focused on our bodies. The vital Qi is made to flow.
In Taiji several integrally connected movements are carried out in order to strengthen vitality from within. This gentle and slow martial art from the field of Chinese martial arts such as Qi Gong is based on working with the energy of life.
Back exercises
The spine has no support function. The muscles are there to support the spine. Stretching, strengthening and mobilization are important components to achieve mobility and stability in the spine.
Power training in the fitness studio
With the fitness equipment you can specifically strengthen all muscle groups. In order to achieve optimal results, it is necessary to accurately perform the exercises. Overloading but also under loading in addition to incorrect use of the devices can adversely affect the body.
Endurance and cardio training
The exercise bike and cycling outdoors are ideally suited for people with problems in the joints of the legs (the weight is carried by the wheel; the load can be set individually).
With Nordic Walking - the joint-friendly walking with poles - almost all muscles are used. Well suited for those with tension in the shoulders and neck area. It helps to stabilize the spine, and increase weight loss. Running is suitable for those who have no joint problems and want to make constructive endurance training.
With swimming, the body is horizontal in the water, which relieves the joints. However, almost all of the muscles are used. Proper breathing and good coordination exercises can be learned at any age.
With all endurance sessions it would be advisable in advance to make a FitCheck to possibly identify existing diseases of the cardiovascular system.