Culinary style

A Styrian-Mediterranean dream

Diverse - tasty - fantastic!
Chef Johann Pabst

Diverse - tasty - fantastic!

In the Steirerhof we cultivate the Styrian-Mediterranean cuisine, a particularly healthy vegetarian/vegan cuisine and also Asian delights from the wok. We create for you outstanding culinary delights that are as varied as they are tasty.

Thinking of the Mediterranean, we have basil in mind and olive oil on our lips. If the Vino Rosso gurgles in the glass, we are blessed. But also the first fork of Styrian pumpkin-vegetables let rise the sun for us or the tender Pöllauer meadow-lamb makes warm our hearts. If the Styrian Branzino melts on our tongue, we would like to stroke all the hills of Italy all at once. Or rather that of Styria?

Our cuisine of the South, Styrian-Mediterranean, is celebrated again and again by our chefs in various variations.

Awarded with the "Grüne Haube"

Awarded with the "Grüne Haube"

Our kitchen line is awarded the "Grünen Haube" for Austrian natural and vitality cuisine. The Austrian natural cuisine consists primarily of plant foods, if possible from controlled domestic cultivation as well as from milk and milk products, about half of them as fresh food. Meat and eggs from ecologically and animal-friendly farms expand the food range in moderation. With the dishes of the natural cuisine, you can absorb sufficient amounts of digestive fiber and active ingredients, minerals and other trace elements, enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids in their natural form with a reasonable amount of energy. The natural kitchen consciously dispenses with the use of food additives and makes sure that the food is processed and processed with particular care.


Bon appetite!

The Steirerhof kitchen has something for every taste. Indulge your palate with Styrian-Mediterranean delicacies and make your choice from the four different kitchen lines:
Styrian-Mediterranean vitality cuisine
At the highest level, quality products are prepared into creative variations.
For Fish lovers
The unsaturated fatty acids in fish (Omega 3 fatty acids) contribute to a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, these light meals should appear about 3 times a week on your personal menu.
Delicious vegetarian/vegan cuisine
Vegetables and cereals, that have been forgotten for a long time, are reinterpreted and processed into delicious dishes. The fresh herbs from the hotel's own, certified organic garden also provide the necessary nutrients and the exclusive taste.
The good, classic kitchen
Local natural products, traditional recipes and ingredients, according to the new nutritional awareness, are enriched by ideas from neighboring regions.

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