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The beautiful life!

Der Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf_Hotel video

The beautiful life in the Hotel & Spa Der Steirerhof***** Bad Walterdorf.

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Our employees are waiting for you!

We are a happy, young and uncomplicated Wellness & Spa Hotel. The entire team wants to prepare for you the most beautiful stay. We want to take care of you, pamper you, entertain you. Dedicated but not intrusive. Amusing and discreet. Heartly and full of warmth. Because the Steirerhof hospitality is deliberately more than pure service. We expect you ...

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Welcome at the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf

You do not have to travel very long to be far away from the excitement of everyday life! The Steirerhof and its employees make this house with all its comfort a place of relaxation and inner peace, loving attention and a good life. Coming to the Steirerhof means relaxation from the beginning.

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Time-out at the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf

Harmony & comfort. Upscale holiday culture. 160 rooms and a thousand beautiful places. Light and air. Generous and casual. Natural woods and fresh flowers. Bright, wide rooms. Fantastic views. Comfortable armchairs and sofas. Harmonious colors, soft fabrics. Combination between inside and outside. Each room with a balcony or terrace. Grounded radiation-free beds and pillow menue.


Wellness dreams at the Steirerhof

Surrounded by 60,000 sqm of natural garden, with views over the surrounding hills of Eastern Styria, the Steirerhof, the leading spa hotel in the Styrian spa region, proves to be a real energetical house for more joie de vivre. Embedded in the Styrian Tuscany, the Steirerhof guests have their own world of well-being. Surrounded by vineyards, apple gardens and flowering meadows, body, mind and soul find peace and new vitality.

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Wellness holiday at the Steirerhof

Eingebettet in der Steirischen Toskana eröffnet sich den Steirerhof-Gästen eine eigene Wohlfühlwelt. Umgeben von Weinhängen, Apfelgärten und blühende Wiesen finden Körper, Geist und Seele dank wohltuender Vital-, Beauty- und Spa-Anwendungen zu Ruhe und neuer Vitalität. Die Kompetenz und Servicefreude der 180 Mitarbeiter rund um Gastgeber Werner und Gunda Unterweger, das stilvolle, farbharmonische Ambiente und die vielen Steirerhof-Wohlfühl-Details lassen auch jeden Kurzaufenthalt sofort zum richtigen Urlaub werden.

Embedded in the Styrian Tuscany, the Steirerhof guests have their own world of well-being. Surrounded by vineyards, apple gardens and flowering meadows, body, mind and soul find peace and new vitality. The competence and service of the 180 employees, the stylish, color-harmonious ambience and the numerous Steirerhof feel-good details make any short stay immediately to the right holiday.


The power of water in a magical place

Discover the positive and healing effects of the thermal water at the Steirerhof.

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Steirerhof herb garden

The herb garden was designed by the internationally renowned agrarian rebel Sepp Holzer from Salzburg, who brings his system of permaculture to the simple formula: "Ask nature, ask your country, your water, your animals if they feel comfortable under your guidance. "

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Steirerhof Garden Spa

Wellness for body, mind and soul. Discover our garden with all its specialities.

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The garden saunas at the Steirerhof

A feel-good place for nature lovers! The Steirerhof is the first hotel in Central Europe, which has its own "natural pool" with 200 sqm for nude swimmers and 2 garden saunas (70° C and 90° C) with panoramic views of the Steirerhof garden world. Regularly guided sauna infusions complete the offer of this innovation.

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Shopping at the Steirerhof

In our Steirerhof shop you will find a large assortment of selected gift items for children and adults such as perfumes, high-quality cosmetic care products, angels in various sizes, exclusive porcelain goods, stylish candles, cuddly plush toys, children's bags, books, jewelry and accessories, swimwear, etc.

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Videos about the Steirerhof Cuisine

Delightful cuisine

In the Steirerhof we cultivate the Styrian-Mediterranean cuisine, particularly healthy vegetarian/vegan cuisine, special, low-calorie menus or Asian delights from the wok. We create for you outstanding culinary delights that are varied and very tasty. Our cuisine of the South, Styrian-Mediterranean, is celebrated by our chefs in various variations.

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Breakfast for early-birds

Good morning at the Steirerhof! For early risers there is a small breakfast directly at the indoor pool

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Breakfast at the Steirerhof

The rich breakfast buffet in the restaurant deserves in any case the predicate "unique" with the "choice of everything", organic corner and show kitchen.

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The Pool-Bistro at the Steirerhof

In the Steirerhof "Pool-Bistro with terrace", you can comfortably enjoy the light lunch or afternoon cake in the bathrobe. Furthermore, you can enjoy the magnificent view on our sun deck with "Deck Chairs". Let yourself be pampered in our spa and thermal hotel!


Terrace of the South

You can enjoy the fantastic view over the hills and the beautiful sunsets with a glass of wine from this wonderful panoramic terrace.


Videos about the Spa area

Steirerhof Spa area

30 therapists with a lot of specialist knowledge introduce you to the well-being world of the Steirerhof. Just come in your bathrobe for your treatment, enjoy a cup of tea, your therapist will pick you up personally.

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Competent Spa area

Pure relaxation at the Steirerhof Spa area. The competent team has a lot of expertise - especially in the field of exercise and therapy. Take your time and do something good for your body!

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Spa-Suite at the Steirerhof

Enjoy the benefits of private wellness rooms - the Steirerhof Spa Suite. Being completely alone, talking to each other and sharing experiences. Experience the healthy warmth of the infrared cabin, try the various bath oils and enjoy the cozy fireplace corner with candlelight, fresh fruit, sparkling wine and small snacks.

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TCM at the Steirerhof

The TCM therapist team at the Steirerhof specializes in pain therapy and the treatment of fatigue, burnout, depression, joint and skin problems. After detailed diagnostics, individual treatment concepts are developed. These are based on five different methods: acupressure and moxibustion, herbal and medicinal therapies, movement exercises, diet and massage balancing yin and yang, releasing blockages and bringing the qi, the energy, back to flow.

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Shiatsu at the Steirerhof

With flowing movements gentle pressure is exerted on the meridians and acupuncture points. Energy stagnation, blockages are dissolved in the flow of energy, the body's own self-healing powers will be activated. The imbalance in the body is better perceived. Harmony and well-being are the result.

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About the Fitness & Activity Program

Outdoor activities at the Steirerhof

Exercise in the fresh air is good for body, mind and soul! The Steirerhof activity program offers a variety of sports and healthy activities - from cycling, Nordic walking, running, water aerobics, yoga, Qigong, Taiji, Pilates, archery, and much more - for beginners and advanced.

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Swim training at the Steirerhof

Proper swimming with sports scientist Josko Pastar at the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf


Water gymnastics at the Steirerhof

Exercise in the water relieves the spine and the joints. Those who move properly in the water can strengthen tension and also the entire trunk, arm and leg muscles.

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Pure swimming pleasure

Exercise in the water relieves the spine and the joints. Those who move properly in the water can strengthen tension and also the entire trunk, arm and leg muscles. We'll show you how important it is to practice and improve your breathing and water level while swimming, so you can swim more relaxed and healthier.

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Archery at the Steirerhof

Under expert guidance you can prove your concentration and accuracy in the fresh air.

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Yoga at the Steirerhof

Yoga is a philosophical teaching from India, which includes a series of mental and physical exercises. With these, we set impulses exactly where our physical or mental balance is disturbed, in order to bring it back into balance. Thus, body, mind and soul are brought back into harmony through yoga. The Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf offers yoga daily as part of the activity program.

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Nordic Walking at the Steirerhof

Nordic Walking is offered daily in the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf as part of the activity program. After a detailed instruction by the staff and a warm-up unit, we start walking into the fantastic surroundings of the Steirerhof.

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Cycling around the Steirerhof

In the area of Bad Waltersdorf there is a dense network of cycle paths with 320 km of well-signposted, easy-going and varied cycle paths. Many of these trails pass directly by the Steirerhof. The hotel provides its guests with 40 bicycles free of charge - including e-bikes - in order to be able to exercise during the holidays.

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Golf at Bad Waltersdorf

The Steirerhof as a founding hotel of the Golfclub Bad Waltersdorf offers you the ideal combination of health, pleasure and golf. The unique location of the hotel, the Steirerhof water world, the culinary delights and all Steirerhof pampering services distinguish us from any other golf hotel - and this at great prices! Exclusively as our Steirerhof guest, you will enjoy a privileged status at the Bad Waltersdorf golf course, guaranteed tee-off times and a 25% green fee discount.

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About the beauties of the seasons

Spring at the Steirerhof - pure nature

Surrounded by 60,000 sqm of natural gardens, with views over the surrounding hills of Styria, the Steirerhof, the leading spa hotel of the Styrian spa region, proves to be a real energetical house for more joie de vivre.

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Enjoy the Steirerhof garden

In the midst of our park, the unique garden spa has been created, which is an ideal combination of water, air and garden. Surrounded by apple trees and vines, you can experience a wonderful day within the Steirerhof feel-good garden.

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Autumn at the Steirerhof

Surrounded by apple orchards, vineyards and 6 hectares of private nature garden. Enjoy scenic sunsets in the "Endless Pool" or on the terrace with panoramic views. Let yourself be pampered in a relaxed atmosphere with a crowned kitchen in the Styrian-Mediterranean style. 7 pools, 10 saunas and a ladies spa, cozy relaxation rooms and much more.

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Winter at the Steirerhof

7 pools, 10 saunas and a unique ladies spa provide pleasant warmth, in the spa area you will be pampered with feel-good treatments, cozy relaxation rooms with cuddly chairs and fireplaces invite you to linger and the many little things like the late riser breakfast, the gentle activity program and of course the excellent cuisine in the Styrian-meditarranean style are guarantors for a full holiday enjoyment!


About our staff

Welcome to the team

We expand our team!


The Steirerhof - our workplace

We love to work at the Steirerhof!

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The sinking man

Our technician Markus wanted to start the attempt to sink the water lilies in our biotope with his homemade raft.

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Grill Pool Challenge 2018

Thanks to our colleagues from the Hotel Dachsteinkönig for the nomination for the Grill Pool Challenge. We are happy to donate € 300 to the children's hospice Sterntalerhof.

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Project Women's run Vienna 2018

The Steirerhof team is preparing for the Women's run 2018 in Vienna together with the Steirerhof experts.

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The training at the Steirerhof for the Asics Women's Run 2018

The Steirerhof experts train the Steirerhof Team for the Women's Run Vienna.

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History of the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf - 25 Years

The history of a hotel over 25 years.

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