The Steirerhof herb garden

A lush variety of herbs in the 80,000 m² garden spa

"Ask nature, ask your country, your water, your animals if they feel comfortable under your guidance."

Sepp Holzer

The Steirerhof herb garden was originally designed by the internationally renowned agrarian rebel Sepp Holzer from Salzburg according to his permaculture system. Steirerhof hostess Gunda Unterweger has contributed to the project with knowledge and personal style. Together with experts the garden has expanded in recent years.

The Steirerhof herb garden is divided into several zones:
The area of meditation ...
is a cooler place, shaded by a mighty, energy-laden hanging pasture and filled with a larch wood yoga platform - perfect for resting, gathering strength and finding your own center.
In the realm of mint ...
there are many different mint plants in focus, framed by chestnut tree, hazelnut, walnut and hornbeam. Everybody knows about peppermint, but here you can find out the fragrant and tasty difference between chocolate, apple or peach mint.
At the sun place ...
there flourish f.e. Lady's mantle, stork beak and wormwood, even green asparagus, in addition to berry fruits and apple tree. Here we have created loungers surrounded by tabular Basalt - covered with a carpet of thyme.
The spring hill ...
is reserved on the first level for the traditional kitchen herbs. The herbs are not only very nice to look at, but also very digestible and healthy. The chef has many creative ideas and so you can find the Steirerhof herbs f.e. in the welcome drink, in juices, spreads, salads, as dinner sets and even in the bar cocktails. At the next level you can immerse yourself in the soothing, restorative or invigorating medicinal herbs of Hildegard von Bingen. Bertram, hyssop, valerian, mugwort and pimpernelle find here the ideal conditions.

Permaculture of Sepp Holzer

This is a natural form of agriculture based on working with cycles and interactions within nature.

Our gardener
Our gardener

Our gardener

With the loving care and of our gardeners, the herbs thrive in the Steirerhof garden lush and varied. When nature seems to sleep during the winter months, the herbs are already preparing for their spring awakening. In the summer months, they delight our guests with their fragrance and their taste, and in autumn the herbs, which have not been used until then, are harvested, dried for making tea.

Gunda Unterweger recharges energy in our garden
Recharge your energy!

Gunda Unterweger recharges energy in our garden

"Feeling good and recharge your batteries - the best things to do in nature", Gunda Unterweger is convinced. And further: "It also teaches us to use all our senses - seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing but also feeling." A herb garden is almost predestined for this. Especially if it was created like the one in the Steirerhof: in harmony with the cycle of nature, with plants that complement each other naturally and form symbioses, as well as involving trees and shrubs and loosened up with a large variety of colorful flowers

Garden tour with chef Johann Pabst
Garden tour with chef Johann Pabst

Garden tour with chef Johann Pabst

Over 2000 different herbs can be found in the 80,000 sqm garden spa of the Steirerhof, making it the largest hotel herb garden in Europe and a special nature experience. So many colors, so many scents, so much love! Organized garden tours bring you closer to our herbal variety. Chef Johann Pabst explains specifically the culinary herbs. You will learn more about the harvest, storage and use of the herbs.

Our flower meadow
Steirerhof flower meadow

Our flower meadow

It is the naturally grown paradise for bee, butterfly, earthworm, etc. Only mowed twice a year and completely left to nature, herbs such as lady's mantle, sage, sharpening, ribwort and the common comfrey have found a new home here in addition to daisies.

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