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Styrian thermal springs

A paradise for health-conscious people

The Stryrian thermal springs, in the east of the green province, are warm and welcoming. You can clearly feel that the South is not that far away.

The thermal region begins in Bad Waltersdorf and stretches to Bad Radkersburg, south-east of the provincial capital, Graz. It is a paradise for health-conscious people and is also the health-oasis of Styria.


Originally drilling in the thermal region was meant to find oil, instead it found hot water: healthy, soothing thermal spring water from up to 3000m deep. This healing water has given the Styrian thermal region a very desirable product. In the last years five large wellness and health centers have been developed, which offer their guests many opportunities for recreation, amusement and recuperation. These include: Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Blumau, Loipersdorf, Bad Gleichenberg and Bad Radkersburg.

Fertile Land

The mild climate in this hilly countryside makes the region one of the most fertile areas in Austria. In this border region, the fertile soils combine with the Mediterranean climate and dry winds from the Hungarian Pannonian steppe, to create an argricultural celebration. Furthermore, the Styrian thermal region asserts itself through its diverse cuisine, with its wine and oil as the best known speciallities.