The Castle Road

The Castle Road connects castles and palaces, which are far more than points on a map. Each house holds within its walls one of the greatest secrets - centuries of history. In this area in the southeast of Austria, which belongs to the castles and castles richest areas of Europe, these places are living witnesses of big epochs. Garden and pleasure, culinary and cellar, exercise and comfort, farm and craft. And hardly anyone knows the areas as well as those whose common goal is to lead traditions into the modern age.

Experience an empire full of adventure.
 As an administrative center, warehouse, court and fortification, castles and palaces were at the center of medieval life. They were centers of the economy, but also of art and culture. And they still are! The palaces and castles of the Castle Road form exciting nodes, linking the past with the present. Where the past and present meet, it goes on adventurous trips, is replaced, relived old craft, small and large for tradition inspired and eternal covenant for life knowledge.


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