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A wonderful extension of the Garden-Spa

Even more space, even more relaxation area, even more view, even more nature - and all this just for our guests!
Our spacious garden spa has been increased by almost 2 hectares and thus the bathrobe zone has been expanded, the nudist area widened and also the walking paths with barefoot paths extended.

Our new "MEADOW"

Dive into the high flower meadow, surrounded by beautiful flowers and wonderful scents, the singing of birds and the buzzing and chirping of insects. And on top of that, a fantastic panoramic view of the Styrian hill country!

The meadow loungers are located on high-quality oak plateaus in 3 areas of our garden spa:
* some are accessible via the sports pool and thus belong to the bathing zone,
* others are in the new, spacious nudist area,
* the meadow pavilions are accessible via the Kneipp fountain and the herb garden.

This area in particular invites you to linger and stroll after dinner, with a cone of ice cream in your hand and the wonderful panoramic view.

The meadow areas are deliberately left untouched for a long time, only the walkways are cleared. After the flowers have shed their seeds, the grass is ripe for mowing. A Steirerhof employee and passionate farmer from the region mows the large meadow areas for us and uses the valuable hay for her animals.

The Steirerhof orchard & vineyard

Golden Delicious and Crown Prince Rudolf grow next to the old apple varieties Arlet and Gloster and enjoy the wonderful view with a row of Styrian plums before they find themselves in the apple strudel at the afternoon cake buffet for our guests. They are expertly cared for and lovingly tended by the neighbouring fruit farmer. The benches under the shady trees invite you to linger and relax.

A few rows of Isabella vines have also been planted between the sunbathing areas. These would later become the "Uhudler", but our guests should nibble from the sweet grapes to their heart's content.

So close to the South!

Newly planted ,large poplars and the first olive trees bring even more Mediterranean flair to the Steirerhof.

There is even more to discover:

  • New birch trees have been planted and thus our Celtic tree chart is complete again.
  • Next to the tennis court, a new hedge of various cut shrubs was planted. Our florist Petra now uses these for the many flower arrangements in the hotel.

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