The Styrian Wine Routs

Already two and a half millennia ago wild vines were used by the Celts in this country. However, viticulture was first cultivated and spread by the Romans. Finds of wine-growing gardens and drinking vessels in the south-east Styrian region bear witness to the wine culture of the Romans.
The Styrian winegrowing boom was boosted by the work of Archduke Johann, who endeavored to systematically promote and develop more than 425 different grape varieties.

In the meantime, viticulture is an important branch of the economy of southeastern Styria, favored by the combination of warm and humid Mediterranean climate and dry-hot Pannonian climate, as well as by the most diverse soil types.

Overall, the Styrian wine country has eight wine routes, where most wineries are located. These eight Styrian wine routes lead wine connoisseurs and tourists to the most important wine-growing communities and wine-growing businesses in the region.
Along the wine roads, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the wine country and stop in one of the countless "Buschenschänke" to strengthen there and/or enjoy a good glass of wine. The best wines are waiting for you and the selection is great.

More information about the 8 Styrian Wine Routes:

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