Your hosts

The Steirerhof employees - heartily, honest, friendly!

The entire team wants to prepare you the most beautiful stay. We want to take care of you, pamper you, entertain you. Dedicated but not intrusive. Amusing and heartily. Because the Steirerhof hospitality is more than pure service.

We warmly welcome you!

General Manager

Werner Unterweger


Gunda Unterweger

Deputy Director

Karl Reitbauer

Sport expert

Hans Toberer

PR & Marketing manager

Ingrid Jansky

Reception Manager

Margit Kraußler

Holiday booking team

Selina & Nina

Housekeeping Manager

Lydia Barinkova

Housekeeping Manager

Silvia Vögl

Deputy Restaurant Manager

Rita Königshofer

Restaurant manager & Sommelier

Christoph Wappel


Johann Pabst

Sous Chef

Roman Lechner

Spa manager

Edith Pichler

Medical care

Dr. Martin Cappy

TCM experts

Mrs. Jing Zhu & Mr. Yin Chun Lei

Store Manager

Gisela Lannerdorfer


Bernhard Steiner

The Steirerhof employees usually come from the immediate vicinity of Bad Waltersdorf and identify deeply with the region and the hotel. Permanent training guarantees the highest quality in terms of product knowledge and customer service. Our motivated employees are inconspicuous and ensure that you always feel safe and well cared for.

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