Zoner & Massada

The Anti-Aging Trilogy

This "3-in-1 treatment" drains and firms the tissue, fills and nourishes the skin, the depth of wrinkles is reduced and thus dissolves small wrinkles. The desired result is visible immediately!

With the help of infrared light, the oxygen supply and microcirculation of tissue cells is increased. Photobiostimulation is effective against skin slackening and repair processes are accelerated.

This intensive, painless lifting stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers, reduces the depth of wrinkles and tightens the tissue. The immediate effect is guaranteed.

This unique and completely painless procedure causes a direct transfer of active ingredients into the cells with a 100 times higher absorption than with previous devices.

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  • Zoner Anti-Aging Trilogy

    € 160

    Cleansing, peeling, infrared, radiolift and mesoporesis with ampoule, mask, final care

    Duration of treatment approx. 80 mins

  • Zoner 2-in-1 Treatment

    € 118

    Cleansing, peeling, infrared plus mesoporesis, final treatment

    Duration of treatment approx. 50 mins

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Infiltration at a deeper level!

To begin with, the radiofrequency provides the tissues with a good blood supply and initiates stimulation of the formation of new collagen fibers. The resulting deep and homogeneous heat in the treated tissues prepares the skin for the next step.

Already during the Biostimcell application, a serum or an ampoule is incorporated. Here, the infrared light also causes a significant improvement in oxygen supply and microcirculation. An acceleration of the metabolism and the repair processes in the tissue is the result, which is immediately also visually perceptible. The skin structure is improved, wrinkle lines are reduced, capillary tissue is strengthened and redness is alleviated. In addition, this technology has a draining effect, it promotes the mobilization of fluids and improves the elimination of toxins.

Now the third technology is used - mesoporation. Here, a specially developed active cosmetic (ampoules or mask) is directly and evenly infused into the cells of the skin. The absorption of the products is 100 times higher than with a classic facial treatment, because the cells are supplied directly.

2 treatments per week as well as the combination with "Wimback face" are our recommendation to you in order to recommend a lasting result.

The following contraindications must be taken into account during this extensive and in-depth treatment:
- Implants (conditional) and pacemakers
- Heart valves
- Severe diseases or infections
- metastases
- changes in skin sensitivity to heat
- non-intact skin
- couperose and rosacea
- pregnancy



LIBERATION, HEALING, BEAUTY - WINBACK®'s high-frequency current accelerates the "natural regeneration" of biological tissue. The weak tension is completely invasive and 100% natural to the human body.

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