My body is back!

The high-frequency current of WINBACK (oscillating circuit between 300 kHz and 1 MHz) accelerates the "natural regeneration" of the biological tissue. The weak tension is completely invasive and 100% natural to the human body.

This technology is used in:


Eliminate the pain! Free the movement! Speed up the healing!

  • Wound healing - promotes cell metabolism - regulation
  • Vascularization - the natural resistance of the tissue converts the Winback energy into heat. This heat accelerates vascularization in the less well-ventilated areas (fibrosis, spasms) and thus promotes freedom of movement
  • Pain therapy - rapid and long lasting pain relief is crucial for effective rehabilitation.
  • Rheumatology - arthritic syndromes, deep drainage of edema, recovery of freedom of movement, cervicalgia, epicondylitis, acute and chronic back problems, muscle adhesions, joint stiffness
  • Traumatology - in acute emergency treatment of musculoskeletal injuries (sprains, muscle tears, fractures, pre- and postoperative in joint plastic surgery, prostheses and osteosynthesis). Faster return to the movement by reducing trauma
  • Sports kinesiology - resolution of wrong movement patterns
  • lymphatic drainage


Get your natural beauty! Slow down the aging process! Support your tissue!

  • Firming and tightening of the tissue on face, arms, legs, abdomen and décolleté
  • edema treatment
  • fibrous or aqueous cellulite


Let yourself be pampered! Do something good for your body! Come to rest!

  • Relaxation of the back muscles
  • Detox treatment (liver cleansing and activation of excretory organs)
  • Anti-stress treatment (warmth is particularly relaxing)

Take your time for WINBACK and book certain time units:

You are able to announce your treatment wishes through the wish list. Just click on the treatment or the heart and your request will be attached to the form.

  • Body treatment

    30 minutes

    € 48

  • Body treatment

    50 minutes

    € 96

  • Facial treatment

    50 minutes

    € 110

  • Facial treatment

    80 minutes

    € 143

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