Try archery - with a bow and arrow like Robin Hood

Archery was originally one of the oldest hunting forms of humanity and has long played a significant role as a ranged weapon in military conflicts. Today shooting on standardized targets is the most widely used precision sport, which since 1972 belongs to the Olympic sports.

Under expert guidance you can prove your concentration and accuracy in the fresh air. Also suitable for beginners!

Meditative archery

Archery in the Steirerhof gets even more depth and competence. On the one hand, we have built a new course in the adjacent woodland, which is exclusively equipped with beautiful, animal-free objects of Mrs. Olivia Neubauer-Suppan and on the other hand, we have also brought us a professional archery professionals.

Dr. Heinz Binder has developed the concept of therapy-supported, meditative archery, which we will now introduce to the guests of the Steirerhof. This very special kind of archery combines elements from Europe and Asia in a new way.

However, we would like to point out that the Steirerhof archery course can only be used in the guest program accompanied by our Hans Toberer. Due to the security regulations, no individual shooting is possible!

After the workout...

... these massages, treatments and relaxation are particularly good for you:
classic and Steirerhof special massages,
foot reflexology and tension compensation massage,
lymphatic drainage,
aromatherapy and Shiatsu,
cranio sacral relaxation,
cosmetic treatments with first-class preparations from Thalgo or Piroche,
Thalasso, Fango,
bath therapy and beauty wrap with packs,
and much moreā€¦

3D parcours in Bad Waltersdorf:

The 3D course with animal objects offers relaxed archery in a beautiful location surrounded by fruit trees and wonderful views of the Safental. In the beautiful surroundings you recharge your batteries for everyday life. For the high concentration in the exercise of the sport especially the muscle areas of the shoulder, back and stomach are promoted. Archery is also a sport for the whole family.

The course can be used all year round and is very suitable for families and beginners. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

Material such as bows, arrows, protective clothing can be provided upon reservation for a rental fee. Likewise, an enrollment in archery and a parcourspegleitung by telephone agreement is possible (Gasthaus Teuschler-Mogg).

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