Bike tour 4 to Lindegg (or FF9)

Length: about 29 km

A tour where you experience country, people and a lot of scenery. For comfortable cycling well suited.

At the hotel gate turn left, past the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf, at the roundabout straight on towards the golf course. Then follow the signs "Lucullus Tour" to Leitersdorfberg. There turn right and follow the green signs with number 5 (Steinbachgrabenweg) to Lindegg.
Through the Edelseewald you come to Großwilfersdorf, a short distance through the village and then left to Jobst. There, you should take a little break at the baroque branch church of St. Anna. Through a beautiful forest and meadow landscape, it goes slightly uphill back to Lindegg. The same way back to the hotel.

Characteristic: hilly
Course condition: asphalt, gravel
Lucullus Tour from the golf course Bad Waltersdorf - Leitersdorfberg
green sign with number 5 from Leitersdorfberg - Lindegg
green sign with number 4 (or FF9) from Lindegg - Großwilfersdorf - Jobst

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