Fascia rolls

The best tool for self-massage

Fascia is virtually all-round tissue (connective tissue): As a body-wide network, the fascia system envelops our muscles like a shell and is thus involved in every movement. Fascia gives structure and support, prevents "friction" under the muscles and convey the body perception and coordination.
Neglecting the fascia, they can painfully stick together, harden and make us look really old. Therefore, we should not only train our muscles, but also specifically our fascia. This helps a lot to keep the body healthy and efficient.

Fascia rolls

These rolls are the ideal tool for self-treatment and self-massage of the connective tissue. They have a light structure that massages the skin. By rolling on these rolls it comes to a rearrangement of the fascia, which are virtually smooth striped, which also stimulates the metabolism.

This role can be used to combat both acute pain, tension and other muscular problems, as well as tendon and ligament problems. One could describe these rolls as a physical therapist for the home, which makes the muscles nice and soft and can effectively combat tight spots in the muscles.

The training with the fascia roll is suitable for everyone - no matter what age. You do something good for the body, preventing or "overbalancing" the condition. It is also well suited for effective workouts for strengthening and body shaping and athletes use it for warm-up or for stretching and cool-down after their workout.
It can be trained anywhere, both at home and in the studio or outdoors, as the fascia role is very handy and the exercises are easy to learn. Even in front of the TV, scrolling is so incidental and effective.

The effects of training with fascia rolls:

  • It improves the mobility and flexibility of the body (thus reducing the risk of injury to athletes)
  • It improves posture by strengthening the middle of the body
  • Voltage and knots are solved
  • It improves regeneration through better blood and fluid circulation
  • It improves stress reduction
  • You will feel more relaxed, lighter, more flexible and warm and comfortable

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