Gesundheit durch Wasser

Health through water -
"Sanus per aquam"

Of selected strength and preciousness

Thermal water of Bad Waltersdorf

Thermal water of Bad Waltersdorf

Water is life. One of the most gentle thermal healing waters of Austria comes exclusively for you with 62°C from 1200 meters depth. The water comes directly through an own line to the Steirerhof. In addition to the well-known regenerating effect, the Bad Waltersdorfer thermal water proves especially for supportive treatment.

For supportive treatment in:

  • Vegetative exhaustion, stress
  • Recovery needs, general immune system weakness
  • Cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory rheumatism (chronical inflammatory polyarthritis, gout)
  • Derative rheumatism (sciatic nerve pain, intervertebral disc vertebrae, osteoarthritis, muscle pain), soft tissue rheumatism
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, aftercare for injuries
  • Operations on the musculoskeletal system

Sole water

The word "salt" is derived from the Latin word "sal", which in turn comes from "sol". Sol is synonymous with "brine", the solution of water and salt. Salt and water are the building blocks of all life, because the human body consists of these two elements.

The sole gives the body exactly that vibrational pattern that is lacking in disharmony and illness. During a sole treatment the body absorbs the crystalline structure from the salt into the skin allowing an absorption into the body for up to 100 hrs. Sole baths promote blood circulation in the skin, have a mild irritant effect on the entire body and stimulate the osmotic skin metabolism. It has proved its worth during Wellness holidays especially to support treatments.

For supportive treatment:

  • skin: acne, blemished skin, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ...
  • allergies: asthma, hay fever, ...
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, broken bones, sprains, bruises, strains, ...

Pearl water pool

Pearl water pool
Pearl water pool

Immerse yourself in a silky smooth experience. Pearl water is good for the health, for the skin and of course for your relaxation.

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