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Sauna facilities

Exclusively for our hotel guests

The heat of the saunas flows through the body, bringing peace and health. The dry-hot air promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. In the steam bath, the hot and humid air helps to relax and loosen up the muscles. The tepidarium, the light relaxation sauna, increases general well-being.


Warmth relaxes the body. Here at the Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf you will find your personal ideal temperature. Warmth relaxes the soul, opens the heart and the senses, making you capable of new devotion and loving care. Warmth relaxes the whole person. That makes you beautiful. Inside and outside.

The Steirerhof sauna area includes:

  • 1 Finnish Sauna (90°C)
  • 1 Bio-Soft Sauna (60°C)
  • 1 Aroma steam bath (45°C)
  • 1 Herbal steam room (45°C)
  • 1 Tepidarium (35°C)
  • 1 Sole infra-red Sauna (38°C)
  • 1 Plunge pool
  • 1 Fresh-air courtyard
  • 1 Relaxation room with log fire and covered terrace
  • 1 library relaxation room
  • 2 garden saunas with natural pool for nude swimmers and covered lounging area
  • Steirerhof Ladies Spa

Sauna area

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Ladies Spa

Ladies Spa
Ladies Spa

Unfortunately men have to stay outside! In this place of relaxation, woman can be woman and feel completely relaxed. Unrest and hecticness remain outside. Sufficient space for reading, lying, dozing, chatting ... just be undisturbed in the Ladies Spa.

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Garden saunas & nature pool

Garden saunas & nature pool
Garden saunas & nature pool

Swimming pleasure without any chemical additives - "natural pool" with 200 sqm for nude swimmers as well as two garden saunas (70°C and 90°C) with panoramic views of the Steirerhof garden world.

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Garden Spa

Garden Spa
Garden Spa

Nature as far as the eye can see, which represents an ideal combination between water, air and garden. Surrounded by apple trees and vineyards, you can experience wonderful days amidst nature in the unique Steirerhof feel-good garden.

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