Neudau pond trail

Length: 7.5 km
Walking time: 1:45 h
Markings: purple-white-purple

Starting point is at the main square in Burgau - At the "notice boards" you turn to the left and come over a small bridge to the forecourt of the fire department. Turn right to the bakery Posch and turn left up to the church. There follow the road to the right until the intersection, where you continue left on the Wagerbergweg and then turn right into the Birkenweg. Leave the local area and follow the long straights, passing a Labonca pig pasture to the edge of the Neudauer forest. Continue straight to the parking lot at the Neudauer ponds. Here you can take a break and watch the wildlife. Then follow the path of the pond road slightly to the right to the residential area. Continue downhill to the junction Lobenfeldweg. On this way you come back to Burgau, past the kindergarten, the elementary school, tennis courts, the heating plant and the Lederer's egg workshop. At the first intersection in the village, turn left, over a small wooden bridge, past the hydroelectric power station, until you reach the "Schlossweg". Follow this path, past the elementary school of Burgau, the children's playground, the Schlossbad and castle to the starting point on the main square.

Characteristic: flat
Course condition: asphalt, gravel

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