Body and Mind Workout

Pilates brings joy of life and increased performance. It is a holistic workout ("Body and Mind Workout") that combines the benefits of yoga (stretching and concentration) and competitive sports (muscle conditioning and endurance training) and is a combination of exercises to increase concentration, coordination and stamina. The muscles are relaxed, exercised and stretched. The abilities of the deep abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles and the small stabilization muscles around the spine are trained. The nutrient supply and health of muscles, nerves, vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs is thus significantly improved. Increase in training intensity according to individual requirements possible.

* Pilates is for women and men of all ages.
* It is a training method for people of all fitness levels.
* People with an injury, Pilates focuses on strengthening the muscles and tendons that surround the area of ​​the injury.

Where does Pilates come from?

Pilates is based on the life's work of Joseph Pilates (1880 -1965). He developed this method to turn his originally feeble appearance into that of a model athlete.
It is a symbiosis of Far Eastern and European training lessons, which he developed continuously. Pilates emigrated to America in the 1920s. His studio quickly fascinated the elite of the New York establishment. Actors, dancers and top athletes preferred the method of individually complementing their traditional training programs.

Positive effects of Pilates:

  • You can increase your energy potential and your performance by at least 30%. It is crucial that you achieve your personal and athletic goals better with Pilates.
  • It improves your body awareness and attitude. They become more active and get a strong center. When you work out, you are not just working at one point.
  • Your centering, intuition, imagination and coordination skills will also be improved.
  • It requires concentrated and exact coordination of movement, ie the interaction of body and brain. On the one hand this clearens the head for the really essential goals and tasks, on the other hand the ability to concentrate is trained through these exercises.

"After 10 hours you will feel the difference. After 20 hours you will see the difference. After 30 hours you will have a different body "

Joseph Pilates

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