Private Spa Suite

Enjoy the benefits of private wellness rooms.

Being completely alone, talking to each other, sharing experiences and enjoying the benefits of private wellness rooms. Experience the healthy warmth of the infrared cabin, try various bath oils and enjoy the cozy fireplace corner with candlelight, fresh fruit, sparkling wine and small snacks.
Per hour € 82

You are able to announce your treatment wishes through the wish list. Just click on the treatment or the heart and your request will be attached to the form.

  • Spa Vital Package for two

    € 105 p.p.

    • 1 salt peeling from the Dead Sea
    • 1 algea pack with relaxing time in the private steam bath
    • 1 Wellness massage

    Brushing the whole body promotes circulation and prepares the skin for the algae pack. This also stimulates the metabolism, detoxing and neutralising. You will relax in a private steam bath while the treatment takes effect, as this dissolves the toxins better. Afterwards you will be pampered with a wellness massage using essential oils. Fresh fruit and sparkling wine enhance your experience.

    Duration of treatment for 2 persons about 90 minutes

  • Massage for two

    € 72 p.p.

    You can choose between:

    • classic whole-body massage
    • aromatherapy massage
    • part massage with head-neck-relaxation
    • combination massage

    Afterwards you can enjoy the wonderful relaxation with candlelight, soft music and a refreshing fruit cocktail and still have time to chat.

    Duration of treatment for 2 persons about 50 minutes

  • Twice as nice - partner treatment

    € 178

    A nourishing treatment with a trace of the sea, which touches both body and senses. Let yourselves be pampered and enjoy the ambience of a treatment for two, accompanied by chocolate-fruits and a refreshing cocktail.

    • Warm-up in the infra-red cabine
    • bath with extracts of algae and water-lily
    • relaxing and moisturising face-mask
    • feel-good massage with essential oils

    Duration of treatment for 2 persons about 120 minutes

  • The treasures of Polynesia

    € 153

    Deep relaxation, wellbeing and cultivation in an exceptional and holistic treatment. An exotic journey towards more stability, vitality and wellbeing - unique textures, exclusive ingredients and stimulating scents let you enjoy every sense.
    Inspired by the traditional beauty secrets of the Maori, this ritual will pamper you with:

    • 1 wonderfully scented peeling
    • 1 beneficial lagoon water bath
    • 1 deep relaxation massage with warm sand stamps and shimmering body oil.

    You will feel recuperated, relaxed and full of positive energy, your skin will contain new luminosity and will feel flexible and delicate.

    Duration of treatment for 1 person about 120 minutes

  • The treasure of Polynesia

    for 2 persons about 150 minutes

    € 153 p.p.

  • Spa Ritual Merveille Arctique

    € 153

    Enjoy the soothing effects of traditional Nordic rituals, where relaxing warmth and invigorating coolness alternate, to relax the body and release tension.
    The oceans represent boundless freedom and harbor infinite treasures. They have the power to calm, revitalize and harmonize body, mind and soul. Get involved in a revitalizing spa ritual, born of the symbiosis of warm and cold.

    • 1 arctic salt scrub - a trio of exfoliating salts comes with invigorating movements massaged,
    • 1 arctic Crystal Bath - infatuated with relaxing fragrant bathing water the thoughts escape to the hot springs of Iceland.
    • enjoy the soothing heat of the steam bath
    • 1 exclusive massage, where relaxing warmth with invigorating coolness alternating and thus can relieve tension, reduces stress and the body brings in balance again

    Duration of treatment for 1 person about 120 minutes

  • Spa Ritual Merveille Arctique

    for 2 persons about 150 minutes

    € 153 p.p.

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Our competent staff at the Spa reception will explain you in detail the various treatments and what is especially good for you.
If you would like to be pampered during your stay in our Spa area, we recommend that you book your desired dates already from home.

Our Spa reception is available on +43 3333 3211-82,
Mon-Sat from 08:00 to 17:30,
Sundays and public holidays from 08:00 to 16:00.

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