Health is the harmony between mind and body

Qigong is a gentle kind of concentrated movement intended to stimulate and strengthen a living harmony. Those, who practice Qigong regularly, experience the feeling of being alive in their bodies.
The concentrated, harmonic movement acts as a keynote, bringing the whole person - his body and his soul - to resonate. Harmony is the source of joie de vivre, in harmony one finds peace and relaxation, harmony strengthens the body and mind. So harmony is the basis for health.

The word "Qigong" consists of two terms:

Qi is the life force and energy and Gong the regular, quiet and concentrated practice, so the mastery of qi. In China, Qigong ("exercise of life force", "control of body energy") has been an indispensable part of TCM for millennia. Over the years a variety of styles of qigong developed. Some serve as a basis for martial arts, others for the preservation of health, but the main goal of all styles is the harmony of physical and mental well-being.

Ba-Duan-Jin Qigong - The "Eight Treasures of Qigong"
This is derived from the basic exercises of the "Shaolin Qigong". Before the monks of the world famous Shaolin Monastery begin their daily meditation, work, and kung fu training, they practice Ba-Duan-Jin for centuries. It is the basis for perfect harmony between body and mind.

Almost all Qigong exercises are characterized by:
* deep inhale and exhale
* few and slow physical movements
* through mental relaxation or intense concentration

Qigong is a useful tool to harmonize the breathing, the mind and the body, to reduce the daily physical and mental stress, to relieve nervousness and insomnia, to prevent and to cure diseases. It creates general well-being and has a positive effect on mind and nerves. Everyone can learn it, regardless of age, and you can practice it in any situation: standing, walking, sitting or lying down. It only takes about 10 minutes. Then you feel mentally and physically refreshed and relaxed. So the day is started or continued with full strength and concentration.

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