Steirerhof cardio- & fitnesscenter

Strength training with a view of nature

Our fitness room is equipped with top Eagle NX Cybex power equipment and Life fitness cardio equipment, which is explained to our guests during training (dates please refer to the weekly program or the Digital Concierge). Through the generous sliding glazing one has a beautiful view of the countryside and can also bring in fresh air. Ideal for a sporty day in bad weather!

For your warm-up you start with the LifeFitness cardio equipment:

Equipment Body zone
Bike: Legs, buttocks
Treadmill: Belly, legs, buttocks
Arc-Cross-Trainer: whole body
Rowing machine: whole body

We continue with the Eagle NX Cybex power & fitness equipment:

Equipment Body zone
Abduction / Adduction outer thighs / inner thighs
Cable Bravo multi functional
Leg Extension front thighs
Row / Rear Delt upper back, back muscles, front upper arms, forearms
Abdominal abdominal musculature
Back Extension lower back, buttocks, back thighs
Chest Press chest musculature
Leg Press thighs, hip musculature
Lat Pulldown upper body, chest, back, arms
Set of dumbbells (2-30 kg) arms, upper body

After the workout ...

... these massages, treatments and relaxation are particularly good for you:
classic and Steirerhof special massages,
foot reflexology and tension compensation massage,
lymphatic drainage,
aromatherapy and Shiatsu,
cranio sacral relaxation,
cosmetic treatments with first-class preparations from Thalgo or Piroche,
Thalasso, Fango,
bath therapy and beauty wrap with packs,
and much moreā€¦

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