Steirerhof Recreation

Prevention, regeneration & rehabilitation with holistic means

If prevention, regeneration, well-being and relaxation are taken into account in life, health can be improved and well-being increased - after all, these four aspects are the key to a happy and fulfilled life.
In a calm, relaxed atmosphere, we will take a holistic look at your state of health and show you how you can effectively prevent illness in your everyday life at home, noticeably improve your well-being or recover quickly from an illness or an operation. Here at the Steirerhof you can start your personal, holistic prevention, regeneration or rehabilitation program.

The Steirerhof Recreation is:

a recognized physical institute and innovative competence center for rehabilitation with a focus on the back, musculoskeletal system, sports medicine and stress reduction.

Prevention with the Steirerhof Recreation

At Steirerhof Recreation, we offer you an individual program to prevent illness or injury, strengthen your musculoskeletal system and maintain your mobility. This includes regular exercise and physiotherapeutic care, stress management and vitality checks.

Regeneration with the Steirerhof Recreation

We work with you to analyze your performance potential, diet, psychosocial factors, metabolic activity and stress factors. To give your body and mind the opportunity to recover from stress, we use TCM, yoga, massages and detoxification and deacidification treatments. These methods enable the body to regenerate and reorganize its self-healing powers.

Rehabilitation - feel good and relax with Steirerhof Recreation

Steirerhof guests with physical complaints (often in the back area) have appreciated the expertise and treatments of our body therapists for many years. Our natural fango infused with thermal water and other therapies from our physical institute are recognized and in high demand for rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.
Guests with increased stress levels, concentration problems, increased pulse or blood pressure, stomach problems and sleep disorders can particularly benefit from Steirerhof Recreation.

You are very welcome to announce your treatment wishes through the wish list. Just click on the treatment or the heart and your request will be attached to the form.

Recreation package:

  • Your personal fitness-check

    Package price € 262

    • 1 ergometry (lactate test bookable upon request)
    • 1 muscle funcion test
    • 1 Back-Check® (force measurement of postrural muscles)
    • 1 coordination test
    • 1 body fat measurement
    • 1 MediMouse® (spine measurement)

    You will receive a comprehensive analysis about each of your appointments including workout plans and training recommendations.

    Bookable from 2+ nights from Sunday to Thursday

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If you have any questions, please contact your SPA-reception:
Tel: +43 3333-3211-82

Insurance & Refund

Insurance & Refund
Insurance & Refund

The Medical Recreation in the Steirerhof is a recognized and registered physical institute in Styria. This allows you to submit certain treatments to your insurance company.

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