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Prevention, regeneration & rehabilitation with holistic means

Our body and our soul form a unity. We can not separate out a part, cut off anything without hurting ourselves. Behind every disease is a story that everyone has to fathom for themselves. We support you!

Spa Manager Edith Pichler

Dr. Martin Cappy

We take care of your health!

In the Steirerhof Recreation we take care of the heart, because it is the central organ of life.

* In a calm, relaxed atmosphere, we holistically examine your health status and show ways in which you can effectively prevent illnesses in your everyday life at home, noticeably increase your well-being, or how you can quickly recover from a disease or surgery.
* Here you can start your personal holistic prevention, regeneration or rehabilitation program.

* A detailed discussion of the collected findings with a clear explanation of the medical context gives you an overview of your current state of health - progress is made visible.

The Steirerhof Recreation is:

a recognized health prevention institute, a traditional physical institute as well as the innovative competence center for rehabilitation with a focus on "heart" and "back" and sports medicine.

Prevention with the Steirerhof Recreation

In our Steirerhof Recreation, we offer you individual diagnostics, which goes beyond the state provision. In diseases, their early detection increases the chance of healing.

Regeneration with the Steirerhof Recreation

Together with you, we analyze performance potential, diet, psychosocial factors, your metabolic activity, tendency to inflammation and exposure to environmental substances, as well as your genetically determined pattern and develop strategies for a tailor-made, sensitive detoxification, purification and deacidification process. This cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and reorganize its self-healing powers.

Rehabilitation with the Steirerhof Recreation

Steirerhof guests with complaints, for example, in the back area appreciate for many years the expertise of our therapists, our natural Fango and other therapies of our physical institute, for the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.
With the Steirerhof Recreation, medical services are now being expanded to include an innovative, effective and realizable cardiological rehabilitation.

Guests with diseases of the cardiovascular system (eg with cardiac infarction / heart attack, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, chronic heart failure, before / after coronary angiography, with or without PTCA / stent implantation or bypass surgery, interventions on the heart valves) will particularly benefit from the Steirerhof Recreation.

You are very welcome to announce your treatment wishes through the wish list. Just click on the treatment or the heart and your request will be attached to the form.

Medical services:

  • Medical care / Short ordination

    € 55

  • Health examination

    € 120

    mit anamneses, status, blood pressure, blood sampling (as required), follow-up consultation

  • Cardiovascular diagnostics

    € 80

  • Cardiovascular diagnostics with lactate

    € 118

  • Ultrasound examination

    € 65

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Recreation packages:

  • Back Fit Package

    Package price € 180

    • 1 medical check-up (E-Card)
    • 1 spine check and muscle function test with MediMouse® (60 min)
    • 1 individual training session (30 min)
    • 1 Skenar (50 min)

    If no e-card claim is available, € 88, - will be charged.

    Bookable from 2+ nights stay from Sunday to Thursday

  • Body Check

    Package price € 180

    • 1 Medical check-up, laboratory diagnostics, urine, stool, anamnesis, follow-up consultation (E-Card)
    • 1 ergometry (lactate test bookable upon request)
    • 1 training session (30 min)
    • 2 sessions (each 30 min) freely selectable

    If no e-card claim is available, € 88, - will be charged.

    Bookable from Sunday to Thursday

  • Your personal fitness-check

    Package price € 200

    • 1 ergometry (lactate test bookable upon request)
    • 1 muscle funcion test
    • 1 Back-Check® (force measurement of postrural muscles)
    • 1 coordination test
    • 1 body fat measurement
    • 1 MediMouse® (spine measurement)

    You will receive a comprehensive analysis about each of your appointments including workout plans and training recommendations.

    Bookable from 2+ nights from Sunday to Thursday

Request selected offers

The watchlist has been updated successfully.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Cappy. He is very happy to help you with your complaints.
Tel: +43 3333-3211-351

Insurance & Refund

Insurance & Refund

The Medical Recreation in the Steirerhof is a recognized and registered physical institute in Styria. This allows you to submit certain treatments to your insurance company.

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