Swimtraining in the endlesspool

with a great view into the Styrian Tuscany

Exercise in the water relieves the spine and the joints, since humans only feel about one-tenth of their own body weight. The proper movement in the water can strengthen tension and also the entire trunk, arm and leg muscles.
We'll show you how important it is to practice and improve your breathing and right position while swimming, so it can be more relaxed and healthier.

After the training

... these massages, treatments and relaxation are particularly good for you:
classic and Steirerhof special massages,
foot reflexology and tension compensation massage,
lymphatic drainage,
aromatherapy and Shiatsu,
cranio sacral relaxation,
cosmetic treatments with first-class preparations from Thalgo or Piroche,
Thalasso, Fango,
bath therapy and beauty wrap with packs,
and much more…

Swim and Chill

Swim and Chill
Swim and Chill

3 nights | 4 days incl. pampering cuisine, the Steirerhof’s extra-value service as well as 1 muscle function test, 1 swim analysis and 1 swim training

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Schwimmtraining im Steirerhof

Richtiges Schwimmen mit Sportwissenschaftler Josko Pastar im Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf

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