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in January

  • Purification pack

    € 75

    This wrap uses up to 15 large bandages soaked in healing clay, minerals and sea salt from the Dead Sea.
    After a skin revitalising pre-treatment, the body is stimulated to purify and detoxify with a special wrapping technique.
    The fat metabolism gets going, superfluous deposits are reduced. The method is not only aimed at short-term weight loss,
    but also at the best possible detoxification and cleansing of the tissue.
    Before the detox pack, a full body peeling is recommended to remove dry skin cells and make the skin more receptive.
    To support the purifying effect, purifying tea is offered.

    Duration of treatment approx. 80 minutes

    at the price of € 99 (instead of € 119)
    at the price of € 75 (instead of € 89) without peeling

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in February

  • Steirerhof special massage

    € 70

    The three columns of the Steirerhof Special massage are: detox - stimulate - regenerate
    The detoxification takes place through the use of bio-energetic vacuum drainage in conjunction with the active ingredients of bio-aromatics.The body is detoxified and hyperacidity is released from the tissue. Only then is the body ready to accept valuable substances again. Electro stimulation of the acupressure points rebalances the energy pathways, allowing the body to relax and reduce or even resolve pain. The result of the effective treatment concept is holistic. It causes the regeneration and activation of the body cells and the mental regeneration allows the inner balance to be reinstated.

    The Piroche® Products, that will be used, are rich in active substances of natural origin. First-class plant extracts, essential oils of the highest quality, marine algae from Brittany in combination with high quality clay unleash individual or combined powerful effects.
    Using high-end technologies such as radio frequency, ultrasound and Lympho-Drainer the regenerating powers of the skin are activated and a sustainable, convincing result is achieved.
    Sports Care for the body - Developed for the professional but also the amateur athlete. Prepares the muscles for physical activity and counteracts tension. Energizes during exercise, prevents tiredness and improves muscle strength - especially during prolonged and intense training. Regenerates after sports and soothes muscle pain and contractures.
    Bio Aroma - Due to the active ingredients contained in the bioaromas, the range of applications of this product line ranges from calming to stimulating. It is applied individually by the therapist and thus forms the basis of all treatments of the Piroche® method and the Steirerhof special massage.

    Duration of treatment approx. 50 minutes
    at the price of € 70 (instead of € 82)

    Duration of treatment approx. 80 minutes
    at the price of € 97 (instead of € 109)

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