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The proven treatments purify, tighten and care for your skin. The elaborate methods achieve particularly intensive effects, for example, improve the appearance of the skin in case of cellulite, provide the skin with moisture, relieve the burden of venous disorders.

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  • LIPO MATRIX treatment

    € 78

    The effectiveness of traditional cellulite treatments has been improved by a new type of wrapping technique. The special three-dimensional structure of the innovative bandage fabric captures the concentrated lipolytic solution and the ingredients it contains, favoring their transfer to the skin. In addition, the action is intensified by infusing the extracts using device technology.

    * It reduces water retention in the tissues and visibly improves tissue structure. The legs feel light as a feather afterwards
    * It stimulates metabolism and supports the reduction of fat deposits
    * It promotes the reduction of fat deposits on the abdomen and hips and reactivates the microcirculation of the skin
    * It improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, counteracts sagging and gives firmness.

    Special peeling for optimal absorption of the following products, wrapping technique, introduction of the lipolytic solution, application phase, final care.

    Our recommendation:
    In order to get the silhouette in shape, 3 to 4 wrapping sessions a week would be ideal. The effect is supported with the home care tailored to you.

    In the presence of localized areas of stubborn cellulite, we recommend an additional intensive modeling ampoule, which is introduced with mesoporesis. Continuous use accelerates fat metabolism, optimizes mobilization and elimination of toxins and improves tissue structure.
    Ampoule with mesoporesis (can be booked in addition to the treatment) € 45

    This treatment is included in the arrangement Body Styling!

    Duration of treatment approx. 50 minutes

  • Steirerhof Fango mud pack

    € 42

    The natural Fango used in this treatment comes from the volcanic rock phonolite, quarried in the Kaiserstuhl area of the Black Forest. We mix the fine mineral powder with Bad Waltersdorf's thermal water directly in the hotel to produce our pack. This treatment intensely warms even deep tissue with long-lasting effect. The high temperatures boost blood flow, ease pain and relax the muscles and connective tissue. You sweat more intensely and your heart rate increases. We adapt this treatment to each individual, and it also has a beneficial reflex effect on internal organs and glands. A medical examination should be carried out before a natural Fango treatment (our spa doctor at the hotel is available for this), where the type of application, the temperature and the length and frequency of the treatment will be decided.

    This pack is included in the arrangements Steirerhof's Feel-good Days and Special Back Package!

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

  • Peat pack

    € 42

    Therapeutic Neydharting peat is considered to be particularly skin-friendly, beneficial and regenerative. It is rich in water-soluble components, which are well absorbed by the skin. This treatment has a stimulating effect on the hormones, and the humic acid contained in the peat greatly improves blood flow to the joints. Lying on a heated water bed, you experience total relaxation.

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

  • Steirerhof cream pack

    € 47

    This pack is especially suited to dry skin. First you get a prepairing whole-body treatment to encourage the blood flow to the skin. Following this we apply a lotion made from a base cream with mare’s milk and a variety of body oils such as jojoba, almond and sesame. Your body is then cocooned in soft wraps. The water bed is heated to 37˚C, and this heat open the pores even more, allowing the body wrap to really work its magic.

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

  • Detoxifying pack with peeling

    € 125

    This pack contains up to 15 large bandages that are soaked in healing earth, algae, minerals and sea salt from the Dead Sea. After the body has been prepared with a full body scrub, it is wrapped in bandages using a special technique that encourages purification and detoxification. As the lipid metabolism gains momentum, the surplus fat depots are broken down. Before the detoxifying wrap, a full-body peeling is recommended in order to remove dry skin cells and to make the skin more receptive. To complete the treatment a purifying tea is provided to support the purification process.

    This pack is included in the arrangement The Steirerhof relaxation!

    Duration of treatment approx. 80 minutes

  • Detoxifying pack without peeling

    € 95

  • Algea gel body pack

    € 95

    This body treatment is preceded by a whole-body peeling. Algae gel made from pure algae extract is applied to the body, then you lie on a heated water bed while it takes effect. The heat opens the pores allowing the body wrap to really work its magic. The tissue is detoxified and supplied with minerals and trace elements, and fat deposits are broken down.
    Afterwards the skin is soft, smooth and well moisturised.

    Duration of treatment approx. 50 minutes

  • Vein/Ice wrap

    € 32

    This beneficial cold treatment with the addition of essential oils is particularly effective for varicose veins and fluid retention in the legs.
    In case of aroma oil intolerance also a pot wrap can be made.

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

  • Detox body wrap

    € 48

    An intense algea treatment due to the salt minerals, iodine, trace elements and ethereal oils which are contained within the wrap. Lying on the water bed for 30 minutes detoxifies your body through your skin and your metabolism is activated. The concluding body care gives the treatment its final touch. (If you have any problems with your thyroid gland, please talk to one of our therapists.)

    This treatment is included in the arrangement Body Styling!

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

  • Healing chalk pack

    € 48

    Composed of healing chalks, healing earth and essential oils, this pack is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and strengthens the immune system. Due to its low pH level, healing chalk neutralises or lowers the pH level in the body preventing acidity that can occur especially in rheumatic illnesses. The heat of the water bed accelerates the absorption of the effective substances.

    Duration of treatment approx. 30 minutes

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Insurance & Refund

Insurance & Refund
Insurance & Refund

The Medical Recreation in the Steirerhof is a recognized and registered physical institute in Styria. This allows you to submit certain treatments to your insurance company.

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