Bring yourself in balance!

Yoga is a philosophical teaching from India, which includes a series of mental and physical exercises. The term yoga can be understood as "unification" or "integration" as well as in the sense of "tensing up" all the forces of concentration and concentration. Yoga exercises usually follow a holistic approach that aims to harmonize body, mind and soul.

We offer intensive yoga sessions with our highly trained yoga therapists for € 15/80 min. in the group. Due to the smaller number of participants, the quality here increases and the personal added value is even higher.

Yoga in the middle of the garden

At the Steirerhof we have very special power and energy places in our garden. And exactly on such a place, our yoga platform was created. Protected by the branches of the weeping willow you can do your exercises and meditate to your heart's content. Listen to the sound of nature and get inspired!

Special Yoga packages:

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