Bring yourself in balance!

Yoga is a philosophical teaching from India, which includes a series of mental and physical exercises. With these, we set impulses exactly where our physical or mental balance is disturbed, in order to bring it back into balance. Thus, body, mind and soul are brought into harmony through yoga.

We offer different types of yoga:
Yoga to get to know
Simple body, coordination and breathing exercises are performed to eliminate stress and restore personal well-being.
Yoga for the spine
With special spine yoga exercises you can improve, strengthen, and correct your posture.
Yoga for the tendons
Tendons are connections between muscles and bones. They enable fast, powerful movements and stable, dynamic postures. Special yoga exercises help to make the tendons more elastic and attractive.
Yoga for the joints
The joints between the bones make our body flexible. Special yoga exercises especially improve the rotation and stability of the joints.
Yoga for the blood vessels
The heart is our largest blood vessel. In yoga, it is a central place where two life-supportive systems are experienced - circulation and smooth flow. When these two systems are in harmony, emotional and physiological balance is again possible.
Yoga for the muscles
With these special yoga exercises, great emphasis is placed on the relaxation of the muscles.
Yoga "Sun Prayer"
The harmoniously coordinated exercise sequence aims to deepen the respiration and stimulate circulation and metabolism. In addition, strength and flexibility are improved. This session is designed for beginners who want to learn how to salute the sun and to all those who are interested in a correct and back-friendly movement.

Yoga in the middle of the garden

At the Steirerhof we have very special power and energy places in our garden. And exactly on such a place, our yoga platform was created. Protected by the branches of the weeping willow you can do your exercises and meditate to your heart's content. Listen to the sound of nature and get inspired!


Special Yoga packages:

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