Culinary bike tour "Asparagus"

Length: about 17 km

The R34 leads on low-traffic side roads. You drive along corn and pumpkin fields, orchards and vineyards. There is a short climb from Kleinsteinbach in the direction of Obergfangen.

The tour leads from the spa Bad Waltersdorf in the flat Safental to Leitersdorf and then to Speilbrunn. There you can visit the small pilgrimage site Maria Brunn. Along the railway line you come to Schwarzmannshofen and Kleinsteinbach.
Then we drive directly to the village of Bad Blumau, where the farm of family Brugner, who cultivates asparagus, can be visited.
Then the second and at the same time hilly part of the R34 begins. After a short climb to Obergfangen it goes through a forest to Sauberg. In magnificent hilly scenery you drive back to Wagerberg to the hotel.

Characteristic: easy and family friendly, even
Course condition: asphalt, paved freight route
R34 from the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf


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