Sporty running-track

On a distance of 10 km you have the opportunity to train your runny liveliness. It is a great way to increase your running speed, strengthen your physical and mental abilities. Along the running track "sprint units" can be completed - markings from 300 to 1000 m are available. The track is also great for loosely running.

Crossroad Wagerberg - straight on towards the forest - then right - along the gravel forest road to Unterlimbach - in Unterlimbach you enter the wood on the left side and then you run about 1.000 m straight ahead - at 4.700 m left - after 5.100 m turn right direction Oberlimbach - at the intersection in Oberlimbach right and on the slightly rising road in the direction of Wagerberg the route leads back to the starting point.

Length: 10 km

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