Endurance track through the wood

The 8 km long route leads to 80% through the forest on gravel and sandy soil. The circuit requires a good level of fitness. Sub-sections lead over gentle climbs, which were chosen optimally for demanding and pleasure runners. To improve physical and physical fitness, a round can also be done a second time!

Start at the golf course Bad Waltersdorf - after 200m left - then always straight - the golf course left hand along - after 2,100 m left in the high street of Leitersdorfberg - after 300 meters right on the gravel road towards the forest - please stay on this gravel forest road a longer section of the route - after 6.300 m turn right - along the cycle path R33 - after 6.800 m turn right in the direction of Leitersdorfberg Strasse - at 7.600 m turn left into the Leitersdorfer Strasse - along the road and back to the starting point.

Length: 8 km

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