Smovey Walking

Fitness with 2 swining rings

Smovey Vibroswings® is a swing ring system consisting of a spiral hose, 4 steel balls and a handle system with damping elements. The swinging of the freely movable ball mass and the resulting vibration create a unique pattern of movement, which is transmitted directly to the inner hand surfaces and massages the reflex zones and stimulates. Thus, the 500 gram weight of 4 balls can be accelerated up to 5 kilograms by the swing intensity infinitely.

The Smovey Vibroswings® oscillate at a frequency of 60 hertz - this corresponds to the body's own frequency pattern in the resting heartbeat and the inner tact that every human already receives as an embryo in the womb.

The offered Smovey special programs and exercises offer additional possibilities to use the Smovey Vibroswings® in other areas as well. Doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, fitness trainers and kinesiologists have discovered the Smovey Vibroswings® and are thrilled with the positive effect.

Bad Waltersdorf - 1. Smovey community of Austria

Bad Waltersdorf is one of the best examples for innovation in the field of "health with pleasure". A new trend of the next decade has been created, an independent form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. The specific movement models of Smovey were combined with the top tourism community Bad Waltersdorf and so was the first Smovey community in Austria.

8 special Smovey trails:

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