Nordic Walking

Walking in the Nordic way is considered as one of the healthiest sports ever.
We explain the reasons:

Nordic walking and the positive effects
on our nervous and hormonal system
Improvement of movement control, optimization of vegetative regulation (for rapid recovery, positive influence on insomnia, nervousness and lack of concentration). Formation of new nerve cells in the hippocampus, a brain region responsible for learning and memory.
on our cardiovascular system
Better oxygenation of the whole organism by increasing red blood cells, low heart rate through economic cardiovascular work, lowering the resting heart rate. Nordic walking thus lowers blood pressure and improves the elasticity of the blood vessels.
on our psyche
Increase of self-esteem and level of activity. Nordic Walking is particularly fun in the group and counteracts the increasing loneliness, increases the stress tolerance and increases the problem-solving capacity. More quality of life through more intense body awareness.
on metabolism and immune system
Increased infection defense by more lymphocytes in the blood - thus fewer infectious diseases. Decrease in elevated blood lipids and inferior LDL cholesterol - increase in good HDL cholesterol. Lower uric acid level, improve insulin sensitivity, prevent adult-onset diabetes. Improved excretion metabolism via perspiration.
on our muscles, tendons, joints and bones
Muscles become stronger and more enduring and their ability to recover is increased. Higher strength of the tendons and ligaments, strengthening of the bone - bone mass is built up.

Here is an overview of the top-signposted hiking, running and walking trails around Bad Waltersdorf:



Running is a "natural" sport of man due to evolutionary history (evolution) and has many positive and healthy aspects. Around the Steirerhof there is an extensive walkway network for hobby runners as well as athletes.

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Smovey Walking

Smovey Walking
Smovey Walking

Smovey Vibroswings® is a swinging ring system that produces a unique pattern of motion from the swinging of the floating ball mass and the resulting vibration, which is transmitted directly to the palm of the hand and massages and stimulates the reflex zones.

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Nordic Walking im Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf

Nordic Walking wird im Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf täglich im Rahmen des Gästeprogrammes angeboten. Nach einer ausführlichen Anleitung durch die Gästebetreuer und einer Aufwärmeinheit wird losgewalkt in die traumhafte Umgebung des Steirerhofs.

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